Prostor Bike / Ladder Lift

Prostor Bike / Ladder Lift
  • Raise a bike or ladder to the ceiling with ease
  • Position the hooks under the handlebars and saddle
  • In the case of a ladder position the hooks under two rungs
  • Pull on the rope and the pulley system effortlessly lifts even heavy bicycles
  • Has a capacity of 22kg
  • The locking mechanism prevents accidental release
  • All metal components have a durable epoxy finish
  • All Racor products have a lifetime warranty

The Racor Bike Lift is the perfect way to store your bicycle overhead and free up extra garage space. The Bike Lift uses a rope and pulley system that is mounted to your ceiling. Raise and lower a 50lb bike up to 12 feet by simply latching the hooks to the seat and handlebars and pulling the rope. When you’re ready to ride, unlock the rope and lower your bike… no ladders needed! Bikes are the number one bulky storage problem for consumers, but the Bike Lift pulleys do most of the work-making a 50lb bike feel like it’s only about 12 pounds: a 4:1 mechanical advantage. A unique locking mechanism holds the rope securely in place to prevent accidental release.

Lowest Price: £34.90
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