Neusu Large Roll Up Travel Vacuum Bags – 6 Pack – Premium Quality 80 Micron Storage Bags – 40cm x 60cm

Neusu Large Roll Up Travel Vacuum Bags - 6 Pack - Premium Quality 80 Micron Storage Bags - 40cm x 60cm
  • Made from premium 80 micron PA & PE, 33% thicker than standard travel storage bags; less likely to be punctured in a suitcase
  • 6 Large Roll Up Travel bags: 40cm x 60cm; ideal for hand luggage and cases
  • No need for a pump; roll up to remove air from clothes
  • Increases capacity of your suitcase or rucksack while protecting your clothes at same time
  • Can be used around the home for storage with no need to get the vacuum cleaner out

Easy to use and surprisingly effective, these roll up travel bags are the perfect way to make the most of your suitcase and protect your clothes at the same time. Simply place your clothes in the bag and then roll the bag up to force the air out. Your clothes will take up less space, whether for storage or for travel. What’s more because they are waterproof, the bags protect your clothes from spills in a suitcase or from it getting wet in the rain.

Made from 80 micron PA & PE, these are premium grade bags, thicker than standard travel bags, meaning they offer you more protection, which is good for peace of mind as you hand your luggage over to the bag handlers.

Key Benefits:
• Pack of 6: Includes 6 large travel roll up bags (40cm x 60cm)
• 33% Thicker: Premium 80 micron plastic, much better than other lower quality travel bags
• Ease of use: No need for a pump or vacuum cleaner, just roll the bag up
• Better use of suitcase space: Make it easier to pack your clothes into a suitcase by maximising space
• Protect your holiday: Waterproof protection to ensure that no accidental spills ruin your clothes in transit

Improved Design
The Neusu Travel Rolls now come with a special air channel at the bottom of the bag, allowing you to seal the bag and then roll out the air. It’s a brilliant bit of design that makes them even easier to use and more effective.

Sizing Note
These Large Travel Rolls are suitable for hand luggage or suitcases and can handle T-Shirts, light jumpers, trousers and dresses. For bulky jumpers, etc, please consider the Neusu Extra Large Rolls.

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