Doutop Syringe with Plastic Tubing 100ml Large Syringes 80cm 120cm Long Hose Handy Tube Reusable

Doutop Syringe with Plastic Tubing 100ml Large Syringes 80cm 120cm Long Hose Handy Tube Reusable
  • 100ml syringe + 80cm plastic tubing
  • Handy and versatile
  • Basic but adequate
  • Bigger than pic shows
  • Ideal for Car, Motor vehicle, Garage, Home, Kitchen, Garden, Office, Pets, Animal, Aquarium, Hobby, Personal use, DIY

Product details:
Material: Plastic
Size: 100ML Syringe, 80cm plastic tubing
Type: Reusable

Package Includes:
1 X Syringe + plastic tubing

Versatile Uses
Car / Motor vehicle / Garage
Draw out drive oil / coolant / engine oil / fluid tank / excess oil / old fuel
Fill gear oil / coolant / scooter gear oil
Fill battery cells
Bleed car / motorcycle / moped (disc) brakes
Get water out of spark plugs
Home / House
Transfer liquid from a larger container to a small mister bottle
Suck up water and unblock the drain hole in fridge which has got clogged
Mix and make paints, withdraw from tins, transfer from tin to roller
Get rid of standing water in pipe
Clear wet and dry vacuum cleaner
Measure weed killer / liquid fertilizer
Dispense Citronella oil into garden torches
Empty the oil from the lawnmower
Get fluid out of small deep cylinder
Replace a wine/beer thief for taking samples of homebrew for gravity readings
Cooking and food preparing
Fill chicken with the likes of pesto/ajo or Kiev mix
Pets / Animals
Perfect for using as a cat milker, tubing was perfect size for cat nipples
Feed hens
Feed the corals
Sucking up poo, unwanted food and muck from fish tank
Clean the nozzles / print head of printer
Fill the calipers
Fill the boiler on model steam engine
Mix juices to vape
Inject wood hardener
Get water out of a RC model boat
Decant full size shampoo or shower gel into ex-hotel size bottles for airplane travel
Create pneumatic systems
Personal Use
Clean out ears using warm water
Anal douching
Sinus rinsing
Other uses
Refill soap dispensers
Perfect for stage blood effect

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