Speedometer sports car, paper 3D wall sticker size: 62×45 cm wall decoration 3D Wall Stickers Wall Decals

Speedometer sports car, paper 3D wall sticker size: 62x45 cm wall decoration 3D Wall Stickers Wall Decals
  • 3D Wall stickers offer many decorative options. Design your living spaces such as bedrooms, living room, children, hall, kitchen, office, study or even guest rooms. With this little eye surprise every guest and create an incomparable ambience. Even for Warehouses or hotel room, this easy to install decorative element is ideally suited.
  • We offer high quality goods 100% Made in Germany. The 3D wall stickers are shipped with assembly instructions and are easy to apply to walls. The label material is printed with high quality solvent inks and is scratch-resistant and smudge-proof. Our unique printing process you will experience brilliant colors and beautiful contrasts.
  • The stickers are removable without residue from smooth surfaces. So you can easily design your rooms without the fear of damaging their surfaces. Please note that on the sticker wallpaper is only partially adherent.
  • Each product is supplied by us in 2-3 working days within Germany. A Secure packaging is a matter of course. Therefore, each image is wrapped in bubble wrap and additionally equipped with red warning tape. Thus, we provide optimum protection in transit.
  • Cheap Youth? Not with us! We provide all the products here in Germany. Choose from over 5,000 licensed images their favorite logo. Whether plants, nature, animals, beaches, cities, erotic and more, we offer a variety of categories. Each image is available in different formats. So you can easily choose the most appropriate decorative element for your respective living rooms.

Engage them with new accents! This 3D wall sticker is optimal room decoration for each room. Fill bare walls with a splash of color and impress your visit with this extraordinary decorative element. Whether in the living room, bedroom, office, guest room, kitchen, bathroom, nursery or hallway. This gem just fits everywhere. Even in the hotel enchant your guests with this unique way of interior design. The designs are printed with high quality inks Wall Decal Sticker Material. This contrast-rich and radiant color result is produced. The wall sticker is easy to apply to walls. Of course we supply to product assembly instructions. There we explain step by step how to make your subject on the wall. All images are available in the size 42×62 cm, and 62×92 cm. We do not buy cheap imported goods. Each item is made with 100% in Germany. We offer a huge selection of licensed over 5,000 images. Whether categories such as beaches, nature, landscapes or dining, with us everyone will find something suitable If you want to find your subject more quickly enter the following simply in the Amazon search bar. “Topsale24 3D wall Sticker + your keyword”. All stickers can be removed without residue from smooth surfaces. We would like to point out that rough surfaces are only suitable and optimal adhesive force is not guaranteed under certain circumstances. The surfaces should be cleaned to limit the adhesive force before attachment of substances. We deliver all products within Germany in 2-3 working days. The image will be securely packed and marked with red warning tape to provide optimal protection in transit.

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