imakar® Retractable Ratchet Tie Down Straps 5 m x 38 mm Can Hold up to 1000kg

imakar® Retractable Ratchet Tie Down Straps 5 m x 38 mm Can Hold up to 1000kg
  • & # x2714; Strong: The straps imakar are strong and stable lashing (Width of 38 mm) with a capacity of 1000 kg.
  • & # x2714; Durable: tested according to EN 1219-5 of premium quality 100% polyester, resistant to impact, UV protected, AX temperature high.
  • & # x2714; Multifunctional: to the transport, towing, travel, holiday homes, for cars, trucks, boats, awnings and trailers/Roof Racks, caravan.
  • & # x2714; Convenient quick release strap, instant release.
  • & # x2714; ease of use: instructions supplied with the strap imakar.

imakar strap with ratchet 2 hooks 5 m
The polyester material is high density, high resistance.
The length is 5 m and a width of 38 mm.
The strap imakar provides a high resistance to Ultra Violet, Abrasion, and the possibility of breakage.
The elasticity is very low residual.
The polyester strap will not absorb the water, don’t corrodera, does not étira, no shrinkage, Can withstand extreme temperatures and is resistant to UV rays.
The brackets are made of steel and have a protection on their inner edges to prevent cutting the strap buckle.
Our ratchet strap with ratchet is 3.8 cm wide and 5 metres long,
– The total maximum load is 1000 kg.
Why choose the lashing strap imakar:
Hard wearing, robust, and easy to use – The imakar is comes with an instruction manual that tells making it even easier to use.

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