General Motors Car Garments Car Dust Cover Car Sunscreen Cooling UV Protection , silver , xl

General Motors Car Garments Car Dust Cover Car Sunscreen Cooling UV Protection , silver , xl
  • 1, high-density material, can effectively block the dust into the interior space and automotive vehicle interior.
  • 2, silver gray high-sensitivity reflective performance, effectively blocking the sun’s ultraviolet radiation on the car’s surface and interior decoration and radiation, play a certain degree of protection.
  • 3, effectively prevent the dust into the car, keep the car clean and tidy inside and outside.
  • 4, can protect the surface of the car is not subject to sharp external items scratch.
  • 5, high flexibility material, not because of the car to move the car’s paint caused by friction damage.

Name: ordinary silver garments, car cover
Material: Nylon material + PVC coating
Material: polyester taffeta 170T coated silver
Color: silver gray
Packaging: vacuum packaging beautifully colored gift box (give their own are good Oh)
Role: dust sunscreen anti-scratch
Specification: S, M, L, XL, XXL
Applicable specifications General
Hire a professional version of the division to play a version of a version, version of mature and reasonable, with rear-view mirror sets.
Has a good shade, dust, sun, radiation protection, soft texture, will not scratch the paint, a simple folding, not volume.
(Please note: all pictures are using a renderings, the owner can not put on each model are taking pictures Ha, please understand!)
How to use: Open the car, cover the car, set the rearview mirror, and then adjust all around until the body covered. After the collapse of the suitcase packed in the trunk can be placed on the trunk
(3XXL) 5.3 * 2.0 * 1.5 Mercedes-Benz s-class Audi A8 BMW 7 Series 09 Audi A6L, and so on
2, to increase the number of garments (3XL) 4.9 * 1.8 * 1.5 Camry Roewe 750 Golan Crown Mercedes-Benz E-Class Teana Chrysler BMW 5 Series Audi A4L and so on
3, large car clothing (3L) 4.7 * 1.8 * 1.5 Corolla Mazda 6 Junjie Xuan Yi Roewe 550, and so on
4, medium-sized car clothing (3M) 4.5 * 1.75 * 1.5 Excelle sedan days SX4 Hai Fuxing and so on
5, trumpet clothing (3S) 4.15 * 1.7 * 1.5 Geely free ship Buick

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