Fire Stove Pipe Magnetic Thermometer Gauge

Fire Stove Pipe Magnetic Thermometer Gauge
  • Please Note: This Great Quality item is only available from SparesPlanet®
  • Stove Pipe Magnetic Thermometer Wood Log Burning Fire Top Flue Temperature Gauge
  • Comes with a handy hook to attach to your stove pipe and can also be magnetically attached
  • 3 x zones to indicate optimum temperature, a red re-fuelling gauge to help you prevent the build up of soot and creosot
  • temperature gauge will ensure that you capture the optimum temperature on your wood, coal or multifuel stove to ensure maximum efficiency and less fuel waste

A Stove Thermometer is a highly advised addition to your Wood Burning Stove as it helps increase the efficiency of your burner. By accurately displaying the burning temperature, you will be able to avoid over filling the stove and constantly reloading if unnecessary; also indirectly therefore helps to avoid creosote build-up and heat loss. Best sited on the first length of Vitreous Enamelled pipe, our Stove Thermometers are magnetically attached, although we advise securing with self-tapping screws. The Stove Thermometer can also be affixed to the stove itself and measures 60mm in diameter. Must be installed on the stove pipe at a disctance of 18 inches above the stove. Highly accurate instrument to monitor wood, coal, oil, pellet and gas stoves. For use with single wall pipe only.

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