Ehdis® 1.5″ High Visibility Mini Razor Plastic Double Edged Blade Scraper with 10PCS Plastic Razor Scraper Blades for Scraping Labels and Decals from Glass, Windshields

Ehdis® 1.5
  • 1 Mini Scrapers with 10 Double Edged Plastic Blades
  • Multiple Uses, Easy Release of Blade
  • Reverse Blade for Safe Storage, Scraper uses both metal and Plastic blades
  • Ergonomic comfort scraper.

Tool specifics
Tool Name?1.5″ Plastic Mini Scraper for Window Tinting
Material?Handle & Blade?Plastic
Scraper?100×40mm / 20g
Handle?100×40mm / 20g
Blade?40×20mm / 125g

This Plastic Mini Scraper is handier and safer, comparing to scraper designed with metal or stainless steel blades. Tinter can use this plastic scraper as a versatile tool for window cleaning, vinyl wrapping, as well as bubble removing. The replaceable blade is molded from tough plastic, the blades resist common solvents and will fit most standard blade holders. The orange general-purpose blades are slightly flexible and conform to gently contoured shapes, such as a car window or boat hull. Handy to keep in your car, garage or boat, since they will not rust in storage.

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