12V DC Diesel Fuel Water Oil Car Camping Fishing Submersible Transfer Pump Cigarette Lighter Plug

12V DC Diesel Fuel Water Oil Car Camping Fishing Submersible Transfer Pump Cigarette Lighter Plug
  • Easy cigarette lighter plug connecting system, low power draw. With a 6′ power cord with easy to use ON / OFF switch, more flexible.
  • The 12V Submersible pump can be used in a variety of configurations. Just fit a delivery hose to allow fast and simple fuel transfer. Rapid diesel refueling, water & thin oils transfer from storage tanks to various vehicles with no spillage. Can also be used for bilge discharging of boats & similar vessels, small pools etc.


1.Traffic: 12L / min
2.Head: 2m
3.Speed: 8500r / min
4.12V portable submersible pumps diesel with stable performance. Sealed means insulated. This product is small, light weight, easy to install and carry.
5.Suitable for harvesters, large farm machinery, construction machinery, big wheel tractor and other field operations inconvenient refueling vehicles and those which can not reach the gas station refueling equipment and machinery.


1. the pump is prohibited pumping gasoline, alcohol and other flammable things! No-load operation and dry pumping is not allowed.
2. the pump should be intermittent work (that is, each up to use no more than 20 minutes, stop for 10-15 minutes and then continue to use), be careful not to work long hours.
3. be sure that the voltage tolerance between power supply and pump is ± 5%.
4. The pump with aluminum shell, increasing the thickness of the housing, making the housing more solid, can also prevent the housing rust or rot.
5. In the bottom of oil pump with stainless steel filter, to make out of diesel (or water) cleaner. Bottom of the filter with a threaded connection, easy disassembly, repair and replacement, which can reuse.
6. After use of the pump, it should be timely to present pump from the oil (or water) out.
7. This pump should take a good-owned oil hose firstly when pumping, and then put the pump completely into the clear oil (or water).

Package includes:

1 x Diesel Fuel Water Oil Car Transfer Pump
1 x English Manual

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